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Claude Nobs 1936 - 2013

Claude Nobs created the Montreux Jazz Festival through blood, sweat and tears, not magic - though there was something of the magician about him. He managed to grow it over the years to become one of the most important music festivals in the world. He made it the blueprint everyone else tried to follow. Importantly, he made it a festival that was not only a thrill for the audience but for the musicians as well. There’s a reason Miles, Herbie, Quincy and the rest returned year after year. His hospitality was legendary and his loyalty and respect for great musicians knew no bounds. Every single year he was seeking out new talent, creating new collaborations and making the festival the best it can be. I was so lucky to have been taken under his wing and to have spent some time with him. His loss will be felt by the legions of people that could call him their friend and his services to music cannot be overstated. 

Rest in peace Claude. I know wherever you are you’ll be organising a great party for everyone. They are very lucky. 

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